Who I am

scott_resume_picMy name is Scott Sheppard. I graduated in May 2013 with a degree in Religion with a specialization in Youth Ministry and a minor in Business from Liberty University of Lynchburg, Virginia. My passion has been to be a local youth pastor since I was 11 years old. It’s been a crazy ride and here is a little bit of my story.


While studying at Liberty, I traveled with a ministry team called YouthQuest to churches up and down the east coast on weekends. During those weekends, our three teams (Discipleship, Worship, and Improv/Media) would lead students in small groups, worship, community service and activities. Our goal was to facilitate special events for local churches in their discipleship efforts among students. My position on the team was a small group leader and the sound technician. I loved mixing sound for our band and working with students in host homes. My dearest friends are members of this team. The time I had with YouthQuest sculpted my ministry model and my own heart toward the Lord.


In 2013, I was privileged to work with an organization called Youth Works. YW is a short-term, interdenominational, domestic missions organization that brings churches together from around the country to serve communities through long-term relationships. I began my summer as basically a spare part in West Virginia where we set up a site at church in a small town. Within two weeks, I was sent to Washington DC (my favorite  city) where I was trained to become a site director. After a short stint in New Jersey, I was sent to Lynn, a suburb of Boston where I lead a team of five and groups of 60 students and leaders. We worked with soup kitchens, schools, nursing homes and even had a sports camp and kids’ club. It was a very difficult and mentally/physically/spiritually straining job, but I’m so glad I did. It molded me into an adult who is able to lead leaders and students in the Kingdom of God.

Star_Logo_B&WI am now the Student/Associate Pastor at Star Church in Eldorado, IL. Far from my hometown of Phenix City, Alabama, I am depending on the Lord’s grace to sustain me in a foreign land as I work with others to reach the students of this area with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

My goal is that through these posts, you and I will be challenged to align our lives and ministries with the desires of God.


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