Things To Do on Your First Day in Your New Office

You finally got the job! It’s your first day and you want to get right into counseling families, planning events, and all the fun stuff of ministry. The reality is that once you finally sit down in your office, your mind can go blank on what to do first. Here are things to do on your first day.

1. Determine the layout you would like in the office.

If you’re inheriting an office, there may be furniture that comes with it. Decide which things you want to stay and which ones need to find a new home. Arrange the furniture to allow you to maximize the space. Remember: moving furniture is easier before you bring in your family pictures, books, or Nerf guns. You may be able to buy some new shelves or other furniture at this point and move them in before you get going. Consider where the power outlets, windows, air vents, and other immovables are located.

2. Meet Everyone You Can On Staff

Try to meet everyone as early as possible. If you wait, it can give the impression that you are not very personable or do not care to meet others. By taking the time up front, you get to set the tone that you are a friendly team player. Other staff members may also have insight for you to let you know why some things are the way they are which can keep you from stepping on any potential (metaphorical or literal) landmines in your new church.

3. Clean the Office

You may be thinking, “We’re already to the third item on the list and we aren’t even doing any ministry yet. When do we get to the good stuff?” Don’t worry. We’re getting there. These first steps will allow you to begin with surroundings which will help you to become more productive and less distracted.

While your shelves and desk are empty, wipe everything down and vacuum. You may be glad that you found that dead mouse before it began to stink up the place. If you wait to do this until you’ve moved in, you’ll end up making more work as you try to maneuver around everything you’ve brought with you.

4. Move In

This is your chance for a fresh beginning. Some things will feel natural in a certain drawer or on your desk. Think through the things you will use on a regular basis and how you can best store the things which will be used seasonally. You can always move things later on, but use this time to get your office about 90% ready.

5. Label Your Things

While it’s fresh on your mind, label everything you can so that your things can be distinguished from the things which belong to the church. You don’t want to be in a position where someone accuses you of taking something on your last day that was there before you arrived.

6. Pray

Finally. You’re in a space that is ready for you to get to work. The best thing you can do now is to dedicate yourself and this space to be used for God’s glory. Take some time to appreciate how God has provided this opportunity for you.